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How to roll back if any work item type is deleted by mistake

Sep 2, 2012 at 3:18 PM


I have deleted the work item type "TASK" from the project A ..and then again import the work item type "TASK" from another project B to Project A.. now I am not able to access the old work items from project shows an error "TF26198"..


1.Select the project A

2. Selec the work item "TASK" from the list

3. Delete tje work item type TASK

4. Select the Project B

5. Select the work item type TASK form the list

6. Export the work Item TASK (which appears below in XML form)

7. Select the Project A

8. Cick on Emport button

9. work item type TASK is shown again in the list for Project A

now when i try to find the old TASK created for project A shows an errorTF26198...I am able to locate the deleted work item (TASKS) in the database under the table dbo.workitemsdestroyed...but not able to restore the same again...can any1 help me to restore the old TASKS as it was in the existing project (A)..